Office Furniture & Back of House

We work with you and your budget to value engineer your project using quality products.

Our broad selection of office furniture is designed to:

Enhance your image

Increase productivity

Improve recruitment and retention for all areas of your office

Office Furniture | Back of House

MPG has contracted with installation companies throughout the United States to provide professional receipt and handling of your furniture. Our project managers will coordinate with the manufacturers for a specific date and time for on-site deliveries. Our installation companies will inspect for damage, product accuracy, and shortages upon receipt. These three critical elements, if detected upon the receipt of furniture, can save our clients thousands of dollars.

When the project ends, we are on call to give you the attention you deserve. If at any time you have issues or concerns regarding your furniture.

Rest assured that we will be there to help you!

We are Experts in Space Planning & Reconfiguration

We have design expertise in space planning and the reconfiguration of existing furniture. Using AutoCAD, we have the capability to design your unique office space and provide 3D renderings and drawings.

Our project managers can provide accountability of time, budget and quality aspects of your furniture projects.

We work with you and your budget to value engineer your project using quality products. After the project is complete, we provide order details, warranty, and cleaning care information including a copy of our plans. If AutoCAD plans were provided to us, we send complete plans back to the client for their records.

On Time | On Budget | Superior Quality

We are with you even when the project ends

Our services include space planning using AutoCAD and furniture symbols to give an accurate design plan of the office space prior to order entry. We offer suggestions on fabrics and finishes that complement the carpets/walls in the location; if a design/architectural team is involved we work with them to select fabrics and finishes. We handle the order entry and track the order status.

Our installation warehouse receives the order and we schedule the installation. Depending on the size of the order, we are on location to manage the installation team and to be available for any questions or issues that arise. Regardless of what part of our business you’re working with, we believe in providing the best customer service we can. After a project is finished, we do not wash our hands and leave.

We are always here for any warranty issues, questions, or concerns that might arise after the project ends.

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